The Bulls of Durham Living History Book

The Bulls of Durham living history book project is unique in that it was created in the public eye. Since inception, the project has taken on a life of its own, strengthened the community, shed light on overlooked Durham gems and built a lasting platform our city can proudly showcase as, “This is who we are. This is what makes Durham, Durham.”

​”The Bulls of Durham” living history book by Sheila Amir. Launched on April 10th, 2019, Durham’s 150th Anniversary.

The Bulls of Durham” living history book blends Durham’s rich history with stories and perspectives of our city’s greats that are continuing to build upon that history. And in this way, this is the story of Durham, North Carolina through the bulls’ eyes.

Learn how a city that literally started from a tobacco seed in the ashes of the Civil War grew into the best city on earth. Discover how a stolen bull brought about a history shifting, global tobacco empire; and how 150 years later that relates to a British mustard company having beef with Sheila. #NotSorry

Find out the backstory to how the now hippest, foodiest, tech-hub of the South also gave rise to the bullpen, billboards, branding and baseball cards. Delve into our city’s strong Black history that proves “Do It Like Durham” isn’t a passing trend and will give you a profound sense of reverence walking down Parrish Street. 

Best of all, see the common thread that runs through the stories of teachers, politicians, business owners, hip-hop artists, painters, activists, historians, architects and the real Bull City OG’s. Hint: it’s the BULLief that in Durham anything is possiBULL.  

Welcome to Durham the incrediBULL place where grit meets grace. Here all you have to have is a dream and faith the size of a tobacco seed, because well, tobacco seeds build global empires, not mustard seeds. 

Project book launch date: April 10, 2019 – Durham’s 150th Anniversary.

Cover Art by DeCario Allen.


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