Chef Katsuji demonstrates how his open fire kitchen works in his new restaurant, High Horse, in downtown Raleigh's historic City Market on Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019.

Welcome to the all new High Horse Raleigh

Cancel your plans and make a reservation at Raleigh’s hottest new restaurant High Horse. High Horse offers the best parts of Raleigh-living in restaurant form! With a dining experience like no other, they offer 25 dishes, 14 crafted cocktails, and a limited, yet attentive waitstaff. The DJ at the end of the horseshoe-like bar keeps the music flowing while you’re entertained by the live fire in their open kitchen. I personally love when a restaurant pays homage to the area. The décor alone celebrates the stables that once occupied the Historic City Market area where High Horse is located. 

Dishes are meant to be shared making it easy to try several items without breaking the bank! There’s a flavorful dish for any eater. Meat lovers must try the Thick Ass Bacon and Petite NY Steak. Seafood lovers will LOVE the NC Grilled Oysters and Skuna Bay Salmon. Vegetarian and Gluten-Free eaters will enjoy the Oyster Mushrooms, Charred Corn, and the Beet Salad. With items like these on the menu, High Horse makes it easy to enjoy their variety of “mexi-kosher” and southern inspired dishes. If you have a BIG sweet tooth you MUST order The Chosen One (Unicorn Emoji) red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and unicorn farts! Yep, I said unicorn farts… commonly known as cotton candy! 

Not only does High Horse strive to satisfy our bellies, but they give back to the community. Every time you order their mouth-watering cornbread (sorry mom, it’s almost better than yours) a percentage of all cornbread sales will benefit downtown Raleigh’s pay-what-you-can café, A Place at The Table. With dishes this good, I highly recommend you make a reservation! 


There’s a parking lot within walking distance from the restaurant. However, if you’re going to enjoy several of their signature cocktails, I would suggest you catch an Uber of Lyft!


Dope vibes, live fire & open kitchen, amazing bathroom selfie lighting and a DJ! 

Palate Notes: 

American, Southern, Mexican, and Japanese flavors 

Spicy, Savory, Charred and local. 

You’ll experience layers of flavors. For example, the NC Grilled Oysters takes you palette on a magical journey this grilled oyster is topped with a country ham aioli that will knock your socks off! 

Now it’s time for the tea… Sip, Sip, Spill Style:

Sip: The live DJ is a great touch, but it can get loud! 

Sip: The perfect restaurant for date night or girl’s night out! 

SPILL: There’s a treat in the womans bathroom. On the back of each stall door, there’s a picture of a FINE shirtless man. Choose wisely! Your choice could result in Ryan Reynolds vs Michael B Jordan! 

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